Current Projects

These are works in progress.

Sixth Century Apocalypse Commentaries
This book will tentatively contain translations of the commentaries on the Book of Revelation by Cassiodorus, Gregory the Great, and pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria, all written in the sixth century. It may also contain a few shorter texts such as a pseudo-Isidore preface to the Apocalypse and a treatise On Enoch and Elijah. The translations have been completed by me and others. I need to go over them and write the introduction.

“An Early Eighth-Century Lost Commentary on the Apocalypse” 

Behind the Apocalypse commentaries in the Reference Bible, Theodulph of Orleans, and the Cambridge Gloss on the Apocalypse lies a commentary of which no manuscript is extant.  I am working on a reconstruction of that commentary from the parallel comments in the three aforementioned works.  Dr. Colin McAllister of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Braeden Fallet are assisting in the process.  As of January 2018 I have completed a Latin edition and English translation of its comments on Revelation, Chapters 1-6.

Amillennialism and the Early Church
This book, which I started over a decade ago, explores the ideas of early Christian writers who were not chiliast in their understanding of the thousand years of Revelation 20. I have some of the chapters in outline form and presented most of the chapters as conference papers. I would like to finish this project in the next few years. For a projected table of contents, click here.

The Pelagian Controversy: Confessions, Commentaries, and Correspondence
This book, which I started over a decade ago, will contain translations of the confessions of faith of Pelagius, Caelestius, and the Bishops who with Julian of Ecclanum dissented against anti-Pelagian decrees. It contains translations of Pelagius’ commentary on 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, and Titus, and some correspondence related to the Pelagian controversy. Almost all of the texts have never appeared in English translation. I need to go over the translations and write an introduction. The introduction will be no easy task, since there is such a huge amount of current research on Pelagius and Pelagianism. I may ask another scholar, who specializes in Pelagian studies, to write the introduction. For a projected table of contents, click here.

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