Tyconius of Carthage, Exposition of the Apocalypse

This book will provide the first English translation of the Exposition of the Apocalypse by Tyconius of Carthage (c. 380). Tyconius believed that the visions of the Book of Revelation recapitulate, or say similar things in a different way. He also applied much of Revelation to life in the church between the Incarnation and Second Coming of Christ, rather than to the end times. Tyconius’ Exposition was very influential on later commentators. An introduction to the translation and notes are provided by David Charles Robinson, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on Tyconius. The book will be published in the Fathers of the Church Series, Volume 134, by The Catholic University of America Press. When it is available, hopefully by the end of 2016, I will announce it on the website and provide a link for its purchase.

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