Christ Will Come Again

Many of my books and articles on eschatology are historical studies designed for a readership interested in that particular issue. The most common questions I get are: What do you think about the end times or the Book of Revelation? Or: What should I, as a Christian, believe about these things?

This small booklet explains from the Scriptures the four pillars of Christian eschatology: The Second Coming of Christ, the Last Judgment, the Resurrection, and Everlasting Life. I also weigh in on some of the controversial issues of the day like the rapture, the millennium, Israel in prophecy, and how best to interpret the Book of Revelation.

The table of contents of Christ Will Come Again is available here.

This 73 page paperback booklet was printed by me at a local printer rather than a publishing company, and is not available on amazon or in an electronic file.  For those who have purchased one of my other books, one copy of Christ Will Come Again is available free of charge until my supply is gone.

To request a copy, email  Please include your full name and mailing address, and tell me which other book you purchased.

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