Commentary on Paul’s Epistle to Titus by a Student of Cassiodorus

My English translation of a short Latin commentary on Paul’s Epistle to Titus, written by a student of Cassiodorus about 600 AD, will be published in The Early Church Fathers Bible Commentary.

Cassiodorus, Gregory the Great and Others. Writings on the Apocalypse.

This book, written by me, Mark DelGogliano, and Thomas Schmidt, will contain translations of Cassiodorus’s Brief Explanations of the Apocalypse, Testimonies of Gregory the Great on the Apocalypse by pseudo-Paterius, and anonymous Scholia on the Apocalypse. An introduction to each text is provided. It is to be published in the Fathers of the Church series by the Catholic University of America Press.

“Ruined Sinners in a pseudo-Augustine Treatise on Predestination”

This essay explores the pseudo-Augustinians treatise On Predestination from the early fifth-century. It may have been written by Prosper of Aquitaine. The essay focuses on what the text says about the effects of sin on the human will. It also contains the first English translation of a significant portion of the text. It will be published as a chapter in a book entitled Ruined Sinners to Reclaim edited by David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson.

Review of Baptists and the Holy Spirit

This review by me of Douglas Weaver’s 2019 book Baptists and the Holy Spirit will appear in the Winter/Spring 2020 issue of the journal Fides et Historia.

Review of Quest for the Historical Apostles

This review by me of W. Brian Shelton’s 2018 book Quest for the Historical Apostles will appear in an upcoming volume of the Westminster Theological Journal.

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