Fulgentius of Ruspe

Fulgentius of Ruspe (d. 533) was bishop of the city of Ruspe, North Africa, in modern day Tunisia, during the fifth and sixth centuries.

Fulgentius of Ruspe on the Saving Will of God

Fulgentius of Ruspe on the Saving Will of God: The Development of a Sixth-Century African Bishop’s Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:4 During the Semi-Pelagian Controversy

This book provides a review of the previously obscure life of Fulgentius, whose impact on the Semi-Pelagian debates was significant.  This study offers a solution to the problem of conflicting data on the extent of God’s saving will in the writings of Fulgentius.  It demonstrates that Fulgentius changed his opinion on the issue.

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