New Essay on Scripture in Fulgentius

An essay entitled “Scripture in Fulgentius of Ruspe” was recently published by DeGuyter as Chapter 15 in the book The Bible in Christian North Africa, Volume 2, edited by Jonathan Yates and Anthony Dupont. For a link to the book, click here.

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Fulgentius was a bishop in North Africa in the early sixth century. The chapter first discusses his life and writings, and the latest scholarship on them. Next, I explain the books of Scripture that he regarded as canonical and the Latin version of the Bible that he used. I then treat how Fulgentius understood the relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Fulgentius did not write any biblical commentaries, per se, but has many writings on theological topics like the Trinity, Christology, and grace. From these writings, I illustrate his use of Scripture as “testimonia” to both confirm “orthodox” beliefs on these subjects and defend against heresies. Fulgentius’ figurative use of Scripture and his employment of biblical typology is elaborated upon, as well as how he solved biblical difficulties. Finally, I discuss the influence of Augustine upon Fulgentius and where more research is needed in Fulgentian studies.

This is a unique study, in that no scholarship before this has examined his entire corpus to explain his use of Scripture. The volume is rather pricey, so if out of your budget, you may want to type the book in Worldcat, which will show you the libraries nearest you which have it on their shelves.

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