New Translation of a Commentary on the Apocalypse by Pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria

Happy New Year! I am happy to announce the publication of Pseudo-Cyril of Alexandria. Commentary on the Apocalypse by Francis X. Gumerlock with Francesca Lecchi and Tito Orlandi (Middletown, RI: Stone Tower Press, 2021). It was just released about two weeks ago.

This book provides the first English translation of a sixth-century commentary on the Book of Revelation. I collaborated with translator Francesca Lecchi and one of the world’s leading Coptic scholars, Tito Orlandi. The book also provides a transcription of the commentary in the Sahidic Coptic language, and a comprehensive Introduction discussing the manuscript, audience and setting, exegetical method, theology, authorship, date, and sources.

The book is reasonably priced at $24.95. I hope you will obtain a copy, and recommend that your institution’s acquisition librarian acquire it for their library.

Available on Amazon: click here.

To read a review of this book, click here.

Wishing the Lord’s blessings on all of us in 2022.

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