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    James C. Morris at |

    When Tom Schmidt had this available, I quoted two sections from this commentary in a book I was writing, with Tom’s permission, citing But when his book was released, he took that site down. My book is finally being published, so I tried to purchase a copy of Tom’s book, so I could cite it instead of the now defunct website. But it is sold out, and no copies are available. Would you be willing to send me the page numbers for the following quotations, along with full information on the book itself, for proper scholarly citation?

    The first quotation is:

    “For after sixty-two weeks was fulfilled and after Christ has come and the Gospel has been preached in every place, times having been spun out, the end remains one week away, in which Elijah and Enoch shall be present and in its half the abomination of desolation, the Antichrist, shall appear who threatens desolation of the world. After he comes, sacrifice and drink offering, which now in every way is offered by the nations to God, shall be taken away.” (“Commentary on Daniel”, by Hippolytus, Book 4, chapter 35, paragraph 3.)

    And the second one is:

    “Just as also he spoke to Daniel, “And he shall establish a covenant with many for one week and it will be that in the half of the week he shall take away my sacrifice and drink offering,” so that the one week may be shown as divided into two, after the two witnesses will have preached for three and a half years, the Antichrist will wage war against the saints the remainder of the week and will desolate all the world so that what was spoken may be fulfilled, ‘And they will give the abomination of desolation one thousand two hundred ninety days. Blessed is he who endures to Christ and reaches the one thousand three hundred thirty-five days!’” (“Commentary on Daniel”, by Hippolytus, Book 4, chapter 50, paragraph 2.)

    I would appreciate this very much.

    Jim Morris

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