The Rapture in an Eleventh-Century Text

New Article. An article written by me, entitled “The Rapture in an Eleventh-Century Text,” was published in the journal Bibliotheca Sacra 176 (Jan.-March 2019): 81-91. It discusses a Bulgarian writing from about the year 1070 called The Narration of the Holy Prophet Isaiah about the Years to Come and the Kings and the Antichrist. It describes the elect being lifted into the air six years before the Second Coming of Christ for the Last Judgment. The article is sure to be of interest to those who study the history of ideas related to pre-tribulationism. For a copy of it, go to the side bar on this website called Published Articles by the Author, then scroll to Eschatology, and you should find the entry. If it is not there now, it will be soon.

New Book Review. Also published recently was a book review by me of Guido Stucco’s The Doctrine of Predestination in Catholic Scholasticism. It was published in the Puritan Reformed Journal 12:1 (Jan 2020):228-230. For a copy of it, click the entry in the side bar on this website called Books Reviewed by the Author. If it is not there now, it will be soon.

Theodulf’s Commentary on Revelation. Since the “stay at home” order, my wife and I have been attending virtual church on Sundays. Last Sunday we sang the famous Palm Sunday hymn “All Glory, Laud, and Honor.” I was reminded that Theodulf of Orleans wrote that hymn way back in the ninth century, and that I had translated his commentary on Revelation. If you would like to read his commentary on Revelation, it is in my book Carolingian Commentaries on the Apocalypse by Theodulf and Smaragdus. There is a link to it on this website. Some of the words of the beautiful hymn are as follows:

“The people of the Hebrews, with palms before Thee went; our praise and love and anthems, before Thee we present. To Thee before Thy passion, they sang their hymns of praise; to Thee now high exalted, our melody we raise.”

Books of Friends and Acquaintances. Finally, I would like to advertise some books by friends and acquaintances that have been published recently, and which you can find on amazon or elsewhere.

Daniel, Curt. History of Calvinism.

Fross, James. The Millennium Dawn.

Kettler, Jack. The Religion that Began in a Hat.

Long, Gary D. Original Sin. The Doctrine of Imputation Vital to the Christian Faith.

Shelton, Brian W. Quest for the Historical Apostles.

Smith, Kym. Redating the Revelation.

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