The Contemporary Church and the Early Church

The Contemporary Church and the Early Church: Case Studies in Ressourcement

Recently I was invited to contribute my thoughts on what Christians today can learn from patristic theology for a new book entitled The Contemporary Church and the Early Church edited by Paul Hartog and published by Wipf and Stock.

My chapter, “Learning from Patristic Christology,” focuses on early Christianity’s articulation of the doctrine of the Son’s eternal generation. From major theologians, creedal statements, and conciliar decisions it shows that the Son as “eternally begotten of the Father” was an essential component of the faith of our fathers. It encourages contemporary Christians to preserve this divine truth revealed in Scripture and explicated by the fathers.

I think that those interested in early Christianity and historical theology will find it informative and engaging. I encourage peers to review it in their periodicals, and professors to examine it for possible use in their courses. For more information or to purchase a copy of The Contemporary Church and the Early Church, visit the publisher’s site.

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